Save the Date - Thursday 2 December 2021; 20:00 

Development of Building Plans Bovenkerkerweg Zone (and call to action):

At the end of last year we informed you that the municipal council unanimously adopted the motion that the municipality should draw up an integrated area vision for the strip alongside the Bovenkerkerweg. The developers' building plans must fit within that area vision.


After this communication, it was quiet for months because the municipality had no one to draw up the area vision. In the summer, an employee at the municipality started drawing up a Memorandum of Starting Point for the area vision. This memorandum forms the basis for the area vision and thus the basis for the building plans (!) that will soon be possible in the Bovenkerkerweg strip. The memorandum for the area vision must therefore contain the matters and concerns that we as local residents consider important.


The City Council has the final say as far as the approval of these documents.


The municipal employee has had several conversations with the project developers. It is/was also the intention to have a meeting with the entire neighbourhood to discuss the basic principles of the area vision. Building plans of the current office strip also have consequences for residents who live further away. Think of less light in the neighbourhood due to higher buildings, increasing parking pressure and possibly less green/vegetation.


In preparation for the meeting/participation with the entire neighbourhood, a first short meeting was held on October 12 with a few (7) residents from the neighbourhood. The meeting was too short, so another meeting was scheduled for November 18. It has now been moved at the last minute to the 1st of December 2021. In the meantime, we have seen that the memorandum for the area vision is on the agenda of the Spatial Living and Nature Committee (RWN) on 2 December at 8 p.m. The document, the memorandum itself, can be found at https://www. middenhoven-


We strongly recommend to read the memorandum and see the various planning sketches there. There is no English version hereof, but it is possible to translate the document using Google Translate.


We have at least two comments relating to this development:


1 st : Amstelveen talks about residents' participation in building plans, but this memorandum for the area vision has been drawn up without the entire neighbourhood having the opportunity to say anything about it. The comments that we made as a small group on October 12 are partly included in the document but are not reflected in the memorandum nor starting points themselves.


2 nd . In the basic principles themselves, much attention is paid to the relationship with the future (high-rise!) developments from Legmeer business park to residential area, the relationship with Bovenkerkerweg and the southern entrance of Amstelveen. This reference is to an area on the other side of the Bovenkerkerweg (that has not even been developed yet) rather than to the existing neighborhood. It has not been included as a starting point that the plans must fit in with the Middenhoven district behind it (the existing neighborhood).

Save the Date! - Thursday 2 December 2021; 20:00


Closer to the date of the event, we will provide some additional information. For the moment, please save the date and ensure your availability for the 2nd of December 2021; 20:00.

Yours very sincerely,

Neighbors and residents of Middenhoven