Thursday 2 December 2021; 20:00 

The Municipal Meeting Discussing the Bovenkerkerwegzone is TODAY!!

Amstelveen 2nd of December 2021

Dear Neighbors,

The meeting in the municipality of Amstelveen were the building framework of the Bovenkerkerweg will be discussed today. 

JOIN THE MEETING - Although the meeting is in Dutch, it is important to show our support as we will have speakers in this meeting standing up for our cause. The municipality can register the amount of participants and the higher the number of participants, the better.

Join the meeting by:

  1. Click here:
  2. Select: "20:00 Raadscommissie voor Ruimte, wonen en natuur"


If there are any questions, then please let us know.


Kind regards,

Middenhoven Middenbouw

Amstelveen, 30 November 2021

Dear Neighbors,


This Thursday, December 2 at 8 p.m., the online meeting of the Spatial Planning Committee (RWN) will be on the agenda, in which the redevelopment of the eastern part of Middenhoven on Bovenkerkerweg is on the agenda. During the meeting, the Draft Memorandum of Principles for the Bovenkerkerweg Development Zone will be discussed in the council committee (agenda item 3.1). We are very critical of the Draft Memorandum of Principles, and unfortunately see that some important concerns are not included in the principles. That is why three local residents will speak during the meeting to once again express our concerns.


Join The Municipal Online Meeting!: we kindly ask everyone to call in at the meeting on Thursday 2 December at 20:00



The meeting will be in Dutch, but just by joining you can show your support as the number of participants is recorded. In this way we show that many of us are very concerned about the Draft Memorandum of Principles.


Follow the committee meeting online

The corona measures were tightened last Friday and the Municipality of Amstelveen decided to hold this meeting online. We ask you (if you intend to) no longer travel to the Town Hall, but to follow the meeting online from home with your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. By clicking on this link, you will find the agenda, Concept Memorandum of Principles and livestream with which you can watch and listen on Thursday from 20:00. Please note: the live stream (video calling) will only be available shortly before the start of the meeting.

See the bottom of this email for more practical information about dialing in. 


Show that we are very concerned

By listening/watching online, we show that we as a neighborhood are very concerned. The higher the number of people called in (views), the better we show that it is alive. It is also an ideal way to inform yourself about the state of affairs of the redevelopment in Middenhoven.


More information or questions?

If you want more information or if you have a question, please send an email to info@


See you online Thursday evening!



Middenhoven Middenbouw


***Practical information dialing in RWN committee meeting on Thursday 2 December 20:00.***


Follow meeting live

You can follow the meetings of the council committees and the city council live. To follow the meetings, visit the iBabs Online website at the time of the meeting  .  Council meetings are also broadcast live on RTV Amstelveen.


Replay meeting

You can also watch the meetings on the  iBabs Online website. In the agenda, click on the meeting you want to view. On the screen you can see which agenda item is being discussed and who is speaking.